long haired dog

Pamper your Pooch..


Grooming Options

Bath shot

Full Groom

All Full Groom services include;

A double coat wash and blow dry, your dog is washed with a hypoallergenic shampoo, gentle, super rich and luxurious. Deep cleanse all coats while being gentle and soothing on the skin. Combed from nose to tail, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, full body clip to breed standard or the individual style of your choice, hair between the pads are trimmed. Followed with a delicious fragrance to leave your dog’s coat shiny and smelling sweet for days.

For short haired dogs – coat is furminated and a special deshedding shampoo is used and all loose hair is removed to the very best it can be.

small white dog

Mini in-between groom

This covers a wide range of services, talk to one of our friendly staff about the right service for your dog.

Black & White dog

Wash & Blow Dry

Coat is washed twice to remove all dirt, while in the bath they receive a massage to make sure they receive the best experience and relaxation that they can. Coat is then blow dried and sprayed with a sweet fragrance leaving your fur babies coat shiny and smelling amazing.


Wash & Blow dry combo

Face, feet and sanitary area is clipped, nails trimmed, a wash and blow dry and full comb out.

Perfect for keeping your dog’s coat in good condition in between grooms.



All Nails are trimmed, including dew claws. In a nice calm environment.

white dog sitting


After Shampooing add a lovely fragrance of coconut. It adds serious hydration leaving the coat manageable and full of moisture.


Ear Clean

A gentle and effective way to clean your dog’s ears, Solution is used to break down smelly waxes, the hair in and around the ear is removed to keep the area clean and fresh.



Teeth Brush

For clean teeth and ‘up close’ fresh breath. Your dog’s teeth a brushed with a minty gel followed with a minty spray to protect teeth and gums and to help keep their breath fresher for longer.

Teeth Scale & Brush

Get your fur babies teeth back into tip top shape. We gently remove the tartar off of the teeth, followed with a brush and minty spray.