By using our “Service”, or “Services”, you agree to the following terms;

All prices are based on the condition of your dog’s coat and the size of your dog, extra charges may apply.

Severely matted dogs are very tough on grooming equipment – and blades can be made blunt by shaving a matted dog.  Extra charges will apply to a dog that requires a close shave to the skin.  If your dog’s coat is in poor condition/matted extra charges will apply.   It causes damage to our equipment and lengthens the assigned time to do your dog’s service.  All our prices for grooms are from, if your dog requires de-matting there will be an additional charge. Charges are $1 per minute.



Staying for the Day:


No Show:

If your dog is aggressive you will be charged an extra charge and your dog may be required to be muzzled.  We refuse the right to groom your dog if it is excessively aggressive and cannot be handled.

 If you require your dog to stay for the day then extra charges will apply unless arranged prior. An additional charge of $30 per dog will apply for the day.

If you do not show up to an appointment with 24 hours notice then we reserve the right to charge you for the 24 Hour Cancellation & “No Show” Fee Policy:  Each time a client misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another client is prevented from receiving a groom. Therefore, Metro Paws reserves the right to charge a fee of $50.00 for all missed appointments (“no shows”) and appointments which, absent a compelling reason, are not canceled with a 24-hour advance notice. “No Show” fees will be billed to the client. This fee must be paid prior to your next appointment. Multiple “no shows” may result in refusal of appointments.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to best serve the needs of all of our clients.